Ubiquiti UNIFI UVP Review

Apr 15, 2016  

When I first saw this phone’s picture I had to get one. Finally, a company who got it. A modern, fresh design, all screen - with smart functionality. But in the end a disappointment. The Phone I have been a proponent of moving to VOIP but maintaining the traditional phone on the desk (Polycom, Yealink, Cisco etc) as from a user’s perspective - it just works. Softphones are great, but a lot of users have problems with them, or the computer is not quite up to the job. Read more.

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Reaching those difficult to reach places

Apr 13, 2016  

If you are lucky enough to work in an office or surgery which is newer than 5 years old then this article will be of no use for you. For buildings which are older than this, you might find it useful to read on. In the olden days (which is what my children refer to my childhood as!) commercial buildings were wired to power things, phone sockets for phones and CAT5 for computers (well actually, there were some predecessors to CAT5 - but we don’t need to go into that in this article). Read more.

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Some big changes

Mar 9, 2016  

babblevoice has been around for a few years now, the technologies we chose to deliver our service 5 years are no longer correct for today. We have grown in customer size and count and hope to continue, as part of this we would like to become even more efficient, even more green, Software and ideas for web technologies have changed enormously, Security is a continuing concern. As part of these ongoing concerns we have reviewed our documentation site (the Wiki), our main web site (which we publish our updates on and how you log onto the console). Read more.


Porting in your number

Mar 8, 2016  

When you move to babblevoice you’d love to bring your number and we love to help you out Unlike mobile phone porting, which is straightforward, (just get a PAC code off your existing provider pass this to your new provider and everything will be sorted), we have to know all about your numbers, whether you want them ported or not, and then of course there’s the obligatory kidney required! You may have direct dial ranges, there maybe associated numbers to the main number, are they multiline (on an existing PBX) or a collection of single line numbers, they may be faxes / or alarm line numbers. Read more.


Call Recording

Feb 8, 2016  

Over the Christmas break we noticed that the bins were getting rather full (mainly with wrapping paper – the children have been good this year so Santa was rather generous). So time to send in the happy young children, balance them precariously on top of the bin and ask them to jump up and down a few times. This produced unbelievable results, the bin was now only a third full. Which gave us an idea. Read more.

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Holiday Period

Dec 23, 2015  

As we’re coming into the holiday period we’ve got a short blog post this week to say a very big thank you to everyone associated with babblevoice. It’s been an amazing year with some extraordinary new features released of which we’re very proud. We very much hope you like them. To all our new resellers and customers, welcome to the babblevoice family and we hope you’re getting everything you want from babblevoice. Read more.


Quick start

Dec 23, 2015  

We have done everything we can to make babblevoice as easy to use as possible however it is also a highly sophisticated product with a great many powerful features. To help you get started as quickly and easily as possible we’ve put together this quick start guide which we hope will help. babblevoice is a hosted business phone system which means that we look after all of the equipment for you except your handsets and Internet connection. Read more.


Netvibes Gadget Update

Dec 2, 2015  

After a couple of years of organic development it was time to review and tidy up our Netvibes Gadgets. We chose Netvibes as our reporting engine as we recognised that babblevoice Data was not your complete world. Netvibes allows you to look at data from all over the Web. It is a company and personalised dashboarding web site which can help with: Brand monitoring – to track clients, customers and competitors across media sources all in one place, analyze live results with 3rd party reporting tools, and provide media monitoring dashboards for brand clients, e-reputation management – to visualize real-time conversations and social activity feeds, and track new trending topics, product marketing – to create interactive product microsites, with drag-and-drop publishing interface, community portals – to engage online communities, personalized workspaces – to gather all essential company updates to support specific divisions (e. Read more.

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Managing costs

Nov 17, 2015  

Managing the costs in your business is fundamental to its profitability. The first thing you need in order to manage costs is information. For this reason and because it has been requested by users we are pleased to announce an updated version of the “Reporting by Device” gadget for the babblevoice reporting platform Netvibes. The major changes to the gadget include Reporting on cost (i.e. money spent) per device* Access to more historical data (currently 30 days) By installing the gadget twice you can now compare cost from one period to another The API has been updated to reflect these changes * note that data collection for this gadget started at the beginning of November. Read more.


babblevoice desktop

Nov 10, 2015  

Today we are delighted to announce babblevoice desktop – a utility designed to make it even easier to use the phone you already have! Whereas most commentators view a Voice over IP phone system as simply cheaper calls it can truly be so much more. To our mind VoIP is about business efficiency and effective business communications. For example, a common question is how many lines can I have? As those familiar with babblevoice know this question is no longer relevant as there is no real limit. Read more.