This rule chunk is very similar to the Google calendar rule chunk except that it can work with iCal files.

This is the first release and has some limitations in that the iCal RFC is not full implemented - but most of the useful features are. Because it is not fully imlemented, if it does not work then you should sync you calendar to Google then use babblevoice to link to the Google calendar.

You supply a URL of the iCal file, this could be an iCal you uploaded somewhere, or a link to Microsoft 365 Exchange service free/busy information. We test for an appointment - if there is one we assume you are busy, otherwise you are free. We cache you free/busy status for 1 minute.

  • iCal is a standard and we have tested the parts we have implemented. The following features are implemented
  • Single 1 off appointments
  • Weekly recurring appointments, including by day
  • Yearly recurring appointments, only by month, by day
  • All other recurring patterns are yet to be finished, but the above allows most items which might dictate how we handle a call for you to be parsed

The reference time we use is UTC, unless we find a timezone information in the file which we then allow for offsets

This feature should be considered beta.

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Also, check out the babblevoice University on Youtube or ask a question in our Google Group.