For you data geeks, Vibes just got geekier


Some small and large updates to Vibes.


We have increased the width of Vibe’s boards - allowing you to get either more information squeezed in or make your information more visible further away!

Bar Chart (and its sibling Time Chart) have had an update to our graphing software which present data in a more modern way.

The height of Statistics Vibe can now be adjusted.

User Statistics Report

In conjunction with babblevoice Desktop, the Statistics Vibe now includes data on user statistics. Statistics similar to Device statistics are maintained storing them against the registered user.


  1. A user uses babblevoice Desktop, the ‘My Phone’ is assigned to that User
  2. When calls are made and received on that phone statistics are registered to that user
  3. A user can only be assign to one phone at once, a phone is assigned to the most recent user using that phone in babblevoice Desktop

For more information see the Statistics Vibe Doc.

Some Usability Bugs

Small tidy ups have been dome to improve the usability.

The babblevoice team

By Nick Knight, Apr 24, 2019  

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