What the blip is automation?

How many times have you called a company and before you can get through to speak with someone, you have to enter your account details, go through a long list of options only to get through to an agent who doesn’t know who you are or anything about the options you selected on the way in.

Telephony integration is tricky. TAPI was introduced by Intel and Microsoft in 1993 but never gained much traction (most phone system manufacturers implemented their bit but most contact software vendors did not - in fact Microsoft themselves did quite a poor job in Outlook). Since then no real standard has taken hold.

We have done the basics with getting phones on desks in babblevoice but we want to ensure you have the tools to do your job. We want to streamline how you do your job, from making it easier to take calls with relevant information regarding the call through to managing call volume through reporting.

Automation is an addition to babblevoice Desktop for Windows. It allows you to write simple scripts which can pull in information from calls you receive into your business application or to enable to make efficient outbound calls from your application. It is available in version 1.0.11 onwards.

For more information see our doc on automation.

The babblevoice team

By Nick Knight, Sep 11, 2018  

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