Small update to babblevoice Desktop for Windows

Occasionally we make updates to the Windows part of babblevoice Desktop. Over the years we have struggled to get EMIS integration (click to dial) just right. Or as some might say, not quite delicious!

The reason for not achieving perfection is EMIS not supplying details of the currently selected patient in a timely fashion. We attempted to get round that using our automation module. This has had mixed results - but because of how EMIS works was not 100% reliable.

We have been working closely with a few of our users and we now think we have found a happy medium. Dare I say, even delicious!

We have reverted to using the EMIS API when you use hotkeys (ctrl-1, 3 for dialling mobile or home). We have just tweaked how it goes through the process to keep the user happy.

This update is released in version 1.1.2 which can be found in our download folder.

Please let us know what you think by contacting us.

The babblevoice team

By Nick Knight, May 13, 2020  

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