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Over the Christmas break we noticed that the bins were getting rather full (mainly with wrapping paper – the children have been good this year so Santa was rather generous). So time to send in the happy young children, balance them precariously on top of the bin and ask them to jump up and down a few times. This produced unbelievable results, the bin was now only a third full. Which gave us an idea. We needed some small children to jump up and down on our call recording storage.

So we found some. The first one in the form of storing calls in MP3 format (this is how we store voice on computers). The amount of space it saves varies depending on what is being said – but it is quite a bit smaller.

We have been playing around with that a while now and have finally released it for everyone to use. If you log into your babblevoice console, edit your call recording storage, you can select format->mp3 (also in this area you can also see how much space you are actually using and how old the oldest file is).

In this section you will also see recording in stereo. Believe it or not this is a really useful option. Sometimes it can be difficult to hear the caller because the callee is talking over them; with stereo you can switch between left and right to hear each party individually. The only downside is this will take up slightly more space.

So for the maximum amount of history in call recording, deselect stereo and select MP3. For the best possible quality select wav and stereo. Once we completed the MP3 work. We got thinking, it is still is not enough. OK, £1 a month is not going to break anyone’s bank and it is probably the cheapest call recording solution available that we know of. But we were still not happy with the amount of history you might be able to access. Note for readers who don’t understand what I am talking about now. If you pay £1 a month currently you get 1GB of space. When you make a phone call, if you have call recording enabled, we record that phone call into a file and we store that file for you. When you go over the 1GB of space, we delete the oldest file we have on your account to make way for the new file. This way you have the latest recordings available.

The amount of history available varies enormously from business to business. A medium sized GP surgery, with the mp3 option switched on and recording in stereo may be able to achieve 5 days history with 1GB of space. For a lot of scenarios this is fine as when you know you have had a difficult conversation you have 4 days to download the file. But for some users this is a little precarious and for some others they simply may need more time as the issue may surface sometime in the future.

This is where we reviewed how we store and, akin to the story about the small children above, we have crammed more storage into our solution for you. For the same £1 per month we now provide 10GB (so that 4 days has just become 40 working days). For every £40 per month spent we provide a further 100GB free. This means for £40 per month you can get 500GB of space or 1TB for £80 per month. With 1TB of space with the GP surgery example above they will be able to listen to a phone call they had 4 years ago.

Even at the £80 per month price, there is no solution, which, with all costs considered competes on price.

We hope you agree.

Happy new year.

The babblevoice team

By Nick Knight, Feb 8, 2016  

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