The best way to get Vibes onto the big screen?


More and more users are using babblevibes on large screens to help drive team performance in call centres. We wanted to highlight a good option of displaying Vibes on a large screen in the office.

A lot of users buy a large screen/TV and plug a dedicated computer into that screen. This has issues though:

  1. The cost of a dedicated computer is not small
  2. Changing the screen or getting it setup in the morning can be fiddly

Instead, what works well and on a reasonable budget is Google Chromecast. Some TVs support Chromecast, but if not one of these low cost devices will convert your screen into a Chromecast TV.

From your computer running Chrome, select menu then Cast. It will find your Chromecast device, offer you a selection to select it then voila - Vibes on the big screen.

Another benefit is if you have multiple screens, these can all be done from the same computer on different Chrome tabs.

The babblevoice team

By Nick Knight, Apr 26, 2019  

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