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Sometimes the simpler ideas are the good ones.

We have been asked a few times now, how do I update my records (patient with a new phone number, for example) when it doesn’t screen pop the patient.

The new number isn’t in your system (EMIS) so babblevoice Desktop cannot look up your caller. With the best will in the world you now have to look up the patients details.

Now, when you find the correct patient, edit their details, simply ctrl-v in the phone number field as we automatically copy the caller id from the phone call you just took.

This feature requires version 1.0.10 of babblevoice desktop for windows - available for download at

When you configure it, you now have the option

If you don’t want to switch this on, when you are on the call, you can always right click the b icon in the system tray where it will give you the option to copy the caller id.

The babblevoice team

By Nick Knight, May 2, 2018  

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