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We have just taken the decision to disable 2 features by default on Polycom phones. This is because we are seeing a high rate of tickets raised on our helpdesk where the root cause of the problem is one of these features has been enabled by a user. The problem is it upsets call flows, callers calls silently sit in queues with no phone ringing or Polycom phones attempt to forward calls in queues somewhere else - which queues refuse to do - so the calls just get stuck unable to be answered.

Your phones will/should pick up the changes the next time they are restarted.

Do Not Disturb

Some of our users use this feature to suppress phones which are sometimes members of queues. This is an OK way of doing this - but not the most efficient. It is much better to create a call queue where phones can be added and removed dynamically. For example, this work flow works like this:

This allows a phone to ‘log’ in and out of a call queue. It works much better than DND as queues really know how many phones are available and can ring phones with this knowledge.

If you feel you still have a need for your staff to use DND, then under the Polycom tab in the device settings in the babblevoice console you can enable this feature - you will need to restart the phone when you make this change.

Call forward

There is nothing good about this feature we have found. If you need a call forward this really should be done within babblevoice call rule. Adding a forward to a phone really does upset call queueing and frustrates everyone involved (callers/patients/staff/support!).

We have taken the decision to disable this feature. If you feel you really need to use this feature please contact us with your reasons and we will have a discussion.

Final note

We have witnessed all sorts of ways that staff (a minority) attempt divert their workload to other staff members. Phone volume being reduced is another one.

Whatever they say, these settings do not ‘just change’. These 2 changes I hope will reduce your frustration and your need to call us about an issue. But please be aware there are other mechanisms which you will need to keep an eye on.

As a manager, we have tried to give you the tools to ensure calls are handled in a the best way possible. babble Vibes has real time view of the state of your call queue. babblevoice Desktop can show you all callers in a queue so you can see calls queueing up. Using these tools in conjunction will alert you to any issue that is causing calls not to be answered.

Best of luck.

The babblevoice team

By Nick Knight, Mar 21, 2018  

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