EMIS IVR a collection of new features

Over the last year we have received quite a few requests on updates to our EMIS integration. We have released these updates bit by bit, so it is probably overdue that we wrote a blog post itemising the most interesting.

EMIS Max appointments

When a caller calls in through to the automated appointment booking, when they select the option to book a new appointment it can now check how many current appointments they have already. Switch it on and set the max number of appointments the patient can have in the next 1 month period.

EMIS offer check-in

This functionality has been in place since the initial release of our IVR. Some surgeries have requested this option is removed - so there is now an option to remove it.

EMIS usual GP

This feature can serve 2 separate problems

The second use is not so obvious what it can be used for - but it is especially useful if you have multiple sites. You can group your medical staff into building groups then patients calling will be only offered appointments for relevant medical staff.

The babblevoice team

By Nick Knight, Jan 24, 2018  

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