EMIS Patient Check-In

This idea came from one of our users. So thank you for that!

Because there is now a drive to reduce touch points when a patient has to come into a surgery, self service check in touch screens are a problem in that they encourage different patients to touch the same surface.

We have always had the check in feature in our IVR - but up until now, most of our users questioned why it is in the IVR at all.

For those who don’t know, when a patient calls your surgery, you can configure an option to provide appointment management for them.

Offering this type of service frees up your staff during busy times and also reduces DNAs as it allows a patient to much more easily cancel an appointment.

What we were asked to tweak was to create a standalone IVR for the check in service. This way the surgery could put up a poster with a phone number to call to check in.

When configured for this, we remove the options after the Date of Birth is entered and instead go straight onto the check in option and check them in for any appointments they are due for. This way, the patient hasn’t been required to touch the touch in screen - or speak with anyone. Just follow the instructions on a poster.

For more info, please see Configure EMIS or contact us.

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By Nick Knight, Jul 21, 2020  

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