babblevoice at the EMIS NUG

babblevoice recently attended the EMIS National User Group conference in Nottingham to launch the babblevoice for primary care link to EMIS Web. At the conference we were able to highlight the two key factors why surgeries are choosing babblevoice for primary care as their practice phone system; namely cost and patient access.

On average, GP surgeries are saving 50% of the total cost of their monthly phone bill by switching to babblevoice. Savings range from one to two thirds which is a significant cost-savings and much appreciated by partners and practice managers alike. The bulk of the savings come from getting rid of unnecessary phone lines and from not having to pay any maintenance or upgrade fees. A typical surgery can spend about £1,000 per month on their phone system. £500 on phone calls and £500 on everything else. As there is no need for the “everything else” budget, this money can be saved. A typical surgery will have two to ten phone lines available for patients to call. Any additional callers will hear the engaged tone. As babblevoice can answer an unlimited number of calls patients need never hear the engaged tone again. The problem then becomes how to handle all the calls that babblevoice has so helpfully answered. The answer depends on how the surgery wants to handle its patients. One choice is to allow patients to book appointments automatically over the phone. This is possible thanks to the babblevoice for primary care EMIS Web link. Another choice is to triage calls. Calls are recorded so that the duty doctor can review them and handle them accordingly. This point here is that it’s up to the surgery how they want to handle calls.

Many doctors appreciate the “click-to-dial” functionality that allows them to call patients by clicking on their record within EMIS Web. This is quick, easy and prevents mis-dialling. “Screen popping” allows patient’s EMIS Web records to be displayed automatically on the screen of the person answering a call. This makes it much quicker and easier to process the call and less likely that messages will be overlooked. We had a great time at the conference so thank you EMIS NUG organisers. You put on a great event. It was wonderful to speak to existing and prospective babblevoice practices.

The babblevoice team

By Antoine Lever, Oct 19, 2015  

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