Broadband Enhanced Service Levels

Migrating to the cloud for your phone system means you maybe placing more emphasis on your broadband connection on needing to be available. Actually, going to the cloud for this type of service means, for many reasons, that overall it is more reliable. But if you have an office with users on the phone there are things you can do to ensure your staff can provide a good service. Some babblevoice users put 2 connections into an office for increased redundancy (you can’t do that with ISDN!).

It is important that you assess the fix times of the broadband you chose as between the worst and best there is a wide canyon. Here is a quick rundown of 3 which are very affordable.

Plusnet business service levels for broadband (ADSL and Fibre).

If you have a Plusnet broadband line (ADSL or Fibre) then you will need to select ‘enhanced care’, this is their top response/fix package. Any faults are fast tracked and there is a maximum 1 hour response time, with a targeted second response within 3 hours.

Plusnet Enhanced care.

BT business service levels for broadband (ADSL and Fibre).

BT have several service levels for broadband and that the premium broadband business service, only comes with prompt care. Therefore, it may be worthwhile, examining your current agreement and upgrading the support package to ‘critical care’. With critical care BT responds immediately and that they aim to fix the fault within 6 hours.

BT Business critical care.

Virgin business service levels for broadband (ADSL and Fibre).

Virgin have 24 / 365 support on an 0800 number and a business class SLA, they say they don’t charge extra for any support options and with level 2 care they can have you up and running within 24 hours.

Virgin business class SLA.

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By James Palmer, May 12, 2016  

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