Goodbye Heather, Hello Brian

Heather has been with babblevoice for around 5 years now - you might consider her to be a long standing employee. But, whilst we are getting rid of her, we won’t need to pay redundancy, or pension or any other goodwill payments.

Why? Because Heather is our Scottish Text to Speech Engine. She has done well for us. A few clients having a chuckle at her expense as she fluffed up a few words here and there.

We are replacing her with Brian. Brian is accent neutral - so hopefully will upset a few less people. But, unlike Heather, Brian doesn’t need a Scottish accent to hide the machine stitching of the words together (it should be noted that I am a big fan of Heather’s soft twangs).

We will be phasing Brian in over the next few weeks and months. Please let us know what you think of him.

Something also to keep a lookout for is all our auto attendants will be moving into Voice Prompts under Stuff. No more ‘Say’ rules, all prompts will need to be created and stored in Voice Prompts - but we will announce that when it is closer.

The babblevoice team

By Nick Knight, Jan 25, 2018  

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