Google and babblevoice

This is a copy of a post made about Google to the support forum.

You may be aware that, on the whole, we love Google. Their products and their leadership have a dramatic impact on the services we deliver through babblevoice.

But recently there has been some disruption.

Google are making one of their gigantic moves again. There has been a sweeping move to tidy up products, moving product APIs to their new V3 API – which is how we integrate with Google. But at Google, things never move slowly. Over the last few weeks

  1. Google Calendar V2 API was switched off
  2. It was announced that Google Wallet for Digital products is being retired
  3. It was announced that OpenID 2 is being retired

What does all of this mean to you?

Google Calendar

This caused a lot of problems for our users, for which we are sorry. V2 was switched off which was how we integrated with the free busy information published by Google. We saw no notice about planned dates for this to happen, it was put on some obscure page with no real notice, so the net result was we had to migrate to V3 overnight. I think we achieved this in around 2 hours. So this one is complete.

Google Wallet For Digital products

We have been given notice that Google will be switching this off March 2nd 2015. This is how some of our users pay for babblevoice services (we also use Direct Debit). Although we have been given notice, we have not been given a lot of time to migrate this service to an alternative provider. We are currently working on a replacement which we plan to have in place in plenty of time, please bear with us, we have a lot to do (this is a much larger task than Calendar).

OpenID 2

OpenID is the system we use to allow your Google account to log into babblevoice. We do this so that you don’t have to manage as many passwords, plus Google offer many more secure ways to authenticate than we could implement ourselves. But a few days after announcing Google Wallet for digital products was going, we received this announcement.

We have some plans , which we hope to put in place very soon, but we need to finish our Wallet replacement first! We are confident of migrating to their Google+ authentication which is their replacement (you don’t need a Google+ account – just a normal Google account, so nothing should change – but some of the screens may be a little different).

If anyone wonders past our offices and spots our developers beavering away, perhaps you could toss them a few sweet treats to keep them going, we need them to work a little harder this month.

The babblevoice team

By Antoine Lever, Dec 9, 2014