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So this comes up every so often. “Why do you use Google to log in?”, “What data do you send to them” and “Why can’t you just use a normal user name and password like everyone else”.


Just by logging in via Google, we do not send them any data out of babblevoice. Think of Google as the passport service to babblevoice. You identify yourself to Google (using an email address and password) and Google says to us ‘yes - that’s Bob’.


For several reasons

1000s of web sites

If you setup a login to everyone of the sites you use, you either have to use a password manager (which I highly recommend anyway - one like 1password). Or you do what a lot of people do and use the same password over and over again.

Or, if more web sites actually used Open ID (which is what this system is called) then we all would only have to remember a few passwords rather than 1000s.

For the rest of the web sites which don’t use Open ID, they are less secure for it and you really should use a password manager to ensure you maintain secure passwords for each an everyone of these sites.

Google research

Google spend a lot of time and money ensuring that the authentication system is the best it can be. For example, since we have been using Google to login into babblevoice Google has introduced a 2 factor authentication system. Now you don’t have to use this but it will make your access to babblevoice even more secure if you decide to.

Rules of the game

For a geek like me I find this stuff interesting! Here are some basic rules:

Choosing a password

There has been lots of controversy over this subject. Some organisations do things like enforcing use of caps and lower case a number and unusual character. This turns our to not be a great solution for reasons I won’t bore you here (or certainly now).

The problem lies in ‘the best password is the one you can’t remember’. However, we have to remember at least the one to our password safe, or if we opt to us Open ID that password.

If we need a password we have to remember and for it to be as strong as possible then the 4 word approach (also known as XKCD Passwords) is by far the best solution.

For example (from the University of Edinburgh website), ‘correct horse battery staple’ or if the insist on the stupidity of the above then change it to something line ‘C.rr3ctHorseBatteryStaple’.

Why is it now promoted as the best solution to the password problem?

The babblevoice team

By Nick Knight, Sep 12, 2018  

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