What's so great about hosted VoIP?

babblevoice is a hosted VoIP business telephone switchboard but what does that mean anyway and what’s the big deal? The fact that babblevoice is hosted brings a tremendous number of benefits with it, more than there is time to list in this blog post. Hosted means that you don’t need any equipment in your office to use babblevoice. You don’t need to find space for a black box, you don’t need to provide it with power, you can’t damage it and nobody need visit your office to fix it. Hosted implies that all your telephony equipment is looked after by us at special data centres where we can make sure it stays up and running 24/7. We also regularly update babblevoice so that you are always using the latest version. By sharing a hosted system you are also sharing the costs which generates substantial cost savings.

The fact that babblevoice is a hosted VoIP system can concern some users because they associate VoIP with Skype and other domestic grade services which have a poor reputation for call quality. Thanks to the general availability of high-speed broadband and to some clever compression technology poor call quality is very much a thing of the past. We take call quality so seriously that we report on the quality of every single call made. You can even adjust your settings to use more compression in slower Internet speed areas and choose higher sound quality in high Internet speed areas. To learn more about this learn how to adjust your VoIP call quality. The big advantage of VoIP is the cost saving. Because data and voice are merging, you only need to pay for one line into your premises and you only need to cable each desk once.

Babblevoice prides itself on offering the full suite of business grade features. If you care to name a telephony feature you will find it’s already available to you free-of-charge already. Call queueing, music on hold, conference calls, IVR (press 1 for…), voicemail, call recording, etc etc are all included as standard. Furthermore, because we own babblevoice outright i.e. we’re not reselling someone else’s white labelled product, we are able to modify and upgrade babblevoice at will. If you request a features that would benefit the babblevoice community at large, we will release the request free of charge!

The switchboard element of babblevoice is what differentiates it from the domestic products mentioned earlier. By having extensions linked to a central domain you can replicate an office phone system without needing an office. Babblevoice phones can be plugged into any Internet connection and they will work as if they are in the office. You can, obviously, call other extensions for free but you can also transfer calls and have hunt groups etc. The switchboard is configured via an easy to use web interface where you can decide what should happen to each call. You can select phone numbers from any geographic region, listen to call recordings etc.

So in summary, your hosted VoIP system, babblevoice, is a great solution because it’s the most cost effective way of having a flexible and powerful business phone system supporting your business.

The babblevoice team

By Antoine Lever, Aug 18, 2015