What are our developers up to??

Hopefully, you may have noticed some updates at babblevoice. We finally went live with our new console and it is now the default console when logging in.

This took around 2 years of development, which took all the good stuff from version 1 but looked at all the ways which were painful and improved upon them. The rules editor, specifically, has changed a lot which we hope has made it easier for you to write call rules.

The whole thing works better including much better on mobile devices. We have also managed to release our new reporting system babblevibes at the same time which is a huge improvement.

So far the feedback we have gained is very positive but we would love to hear your views and feedback.

So what now?

We have some more ideas to carry on the improvements to our console. But now we are spending quite a bit of time improving and tweaking our other tools:

The babblevoice team

By Nick Knight, Jan 27, 2017  

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