Managing costs

Managing the costs in your business is fundamental to its profitability. The first thing you need in order to manage costs is information. For this reason and because it has been requested by users we are pleased to announce an updated version of the “Reporting by Device” gadget for the babblevoice reporting platform Netvibes. The major changes to the gadget include

* note that data collection for this gadget started at the beginning of November. The more data that is collected the more useful the gadget will become.

To benefit from this gadget add it to your Netvibes dashboard as normal. For detailed instruction on how to use Netvibes and the babblevoice gadgets please refer to these instructions. You will then be asked to configure your gadget with the information you want by using a form similar to this one:

When enough historical data has been collected a video will be created showing how to configure this gadget and that video will be available at babblevoice university. When the gadget is configured you will see the data presented as requested, for example

This graph shows how much each person has spent on the phone each day in the reporting period. By hovering over any part of the graph more information is displayed. Obviously your graph doesn’t have to look like this as this is just an example. For more information on configuring your reporting by device gadget to allow you to manage your costs please contact your reseller or post a question on the help forum.

The babblevoice team

By Antoine Lever, Nov 17, 2015