Multi Language support

The UK has a fantastic spread of cultures in it. With this, it brings different languages and sometimes means anyone serving those communities may need to offer options for different languages when patients/customers touch their services.

According to Wikipedia, Welsh is spoken by around 700,000 people, then there are a number of British languages which are not so widely spoken. But then there is also a large number of immigrant languages (this list is the top 10):

Most surgeries/organisations now have at least one message played to callers when a phone call is made into their business. Support has now been added to babblevoice for when you need to provide different languages on an auto attendant. This is the form of voice prompts (text to speech only supports English for now). Your main recorded prompt may contain the following speech (mainintro.wav):

“Thank you for calling widgets, for the main office please dial 1, for support please dial 2 i, glywed hyn yn deialu Cymru 3.”

When a user dials 3, babblevoice will start the auto attendant again, but selecting the Welsh recorded sound files (mainintro_wales.wav):

“Diolch i chi am alw widgets, ar gyfer y brif swyddfa ffoniwch 1, ar gyfer cymorth ffoniwch 2.”

For a more in-depth article see our docs page on the subject. Final note, please forgive any poor Welsh on this page, this is provided courtesy of Google translate. If you spot an error and can provide improved phrases then please let us know!

The babblevoice team

By Nick Knight, Oct 13, 2016