Netvibes Gadget Update

After a couple of years of organic development it was time to review and tidy up our Netvibes Gadgets. We chose Netvibes as our reporting engine as we recognised that babblevoice Data was not your complete world. Netvibes allows you to look at data from all over the Web. It is a company and personalised dashboarding web site which can help with:

And when we developed our Netvibes Gadgets, 2 years ago:

Firstly, our data centric gadgets:

Then, our miscellaneous collection:

Think of voicemail as visual voicemail where you can playback and manage your voicemail in a much easier way than dialing 1 for… Domain status allows you to set and see a status against a domain (see below for more information). Domain balances gives you a chart showing you the financial balance of the domains you have access to.

Real time queue gives you exactly that – a real time view of callers in your queues!

So what did we update?

As an added bonus for the developers out there, all of these gadgets use the same API we publish that you have access to, all of this functionality can be built into your own application.

Overall a big tidy up, we hope you like the changes and additions.

The babblevoice team

By Nick Knight, Dec 2, 2015  

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