Block nuisance or unwanted calls

Yet again a feature request has been made by you, our babblevoice community, for a feature that will benefit everyone. And yet again, babblevoice has swung into action and developed, tested and released the requested feature free of charge. The feature in question this time is the ability to handle calls differently depending on who’s calling. The most common use for this feature will be to block nuisance or unwanted calls. By giving babblevoice the number or range of numbers you wish to block you can choose how to handle the call. Whether it be to play the caller a heart-felt message, put them in a never ending queue or simply to hang-up, the point is that the choice is yours! You can also use this rule to treat VIP callers differently. Perhaps calls from your most important client gets forwarded to your mobile for instance.

This is sometimes known as the anti-ex girlfriend rule. But it can swing both ways. Allow important calls through, block nasties out.

For more information, head over to our doc

The babblevoice team

By Antoine Lever, Sep 7, 2015  

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