Outlook With babblevoice Desktop

We are always looking for new ways to give our users the best experience possible. One of the ways we do this is by integrating babblevoice with third party products with which you are already familiar. The latest product we are working with is Microsoft Outlook. To accomplish the level of integration we want, we need to run our software on your machine. This gives us a great opportunity for you to try one of our new products, babblevoice desktop for Windows which can be downloaded by following the link.

Our integration with Outlook provides two services; The desktop plugin allows contact lookup for screen popping and searching for and emailing contacts all from within the babblevoice Desktop for Windows product. The Outlook add-in adds functionality directly into Outlook. You can now click-to-dial added from within email & contact pages, context menus and even buttons in the ribbon menu.

To help make this integration as efficient and user friendly as possible we are looking to the babblevoice community to help beta test these products. We want to give loyal babblevoice users the chance to use these features before anyone else. All that we ask in return is for your honest feedback.

In particular we would like to know about your experience with

To start testing please download babblevoice desktop for Windows and start Outlook. By the time you read this there should be information on our Outlook plugin page. When you’re ready to provide feedback or you want some more information please contact us. Please bare in mind that this is still pre-release software but we are very keen to learn what you think.

The babblevoice team

By Antoine Lever, Oct 7, 2015  

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