PA Tannoy Emergency broadcast

In this week’s blog we are announcing a new feature which you may find useful called Tannoy. The Tannoy feature is a “public address” (PA) or “Emergency Broadcast” facility for your phone system. It allows a user to broadcast a message to all the chosen extensions simultaneously and without the recipient having to answer their phone.

There are a number of scenarios where a Tannoy feature could be useful. For example, you need the company first aider urgently but don’t know where (s)he is. Simply put out a call on the Tannoy system to find the first aider quickly and efficiently. You work with the public in private consultations; there’s always a risk of harm and so having an emergency facility is reassuring. You have people working remotely from home and they need support.

Someone has parked improperly and needs to move their car urgently. The sandwich people have arrived. You probably get the idea by now.

The Tannoy feature was developed at the request of our user community. If you have an idea that would benefit the babblevoice community at large then why not share it with us so that we can develop it for you. Feel free to contact us or discuss your idea with the babblevoice community on the forum.

The babblevoice team

By Antoine Lever, Jun 9, 2015