Polycom Upgrade imminent

Important - please read

If you are a user of a Polycom phone (and a lot of babblevoice users are) then this will be important to you. This only effects users of the newer VVX range of phones. Older Polycom phones (SoundPoint) will not receive this update - and we would highly recommend you review upgrading to VVX phones to ensure continuing trouble free communications. Implementing a rolling upgrade plan is often an affordable way to stay up to date with equipment in your office - but this is another subject.

Every so often, we decide to push out the latest software which runs on your phone (did you know your Polycom phone is actually a small computer?). We do this as it comes with all sorts of bug fixes updates, security fixes. It’s like health food for your phone.

We were running 5.4.5 Polycom firmware and we are upgrading to the latest 5.7.1. We are sending this out so you are aware of what will happen.

We will flick the switch on the evening of 26th April. If you would like to upgrade before then please contact us and we can enable upgrades on your phones before then.

How will this effect me?

If you leave your phones powered up - they will stay on the old version of the firmware.

We recommend, sometime after this date, restarting 1 or 2 phones to ensure you have no issues. Then slowly restart all. Note, when you restart them they will have a much longer restart time as they have to download the update that is part of the update.

We have tested this update and there was no negative effects on our phones. It even fixed a few of the phones we were having problems with.

The babblevoice team

By Nick Knight, Apr 9, 2018