Porting in your number

When you move to babblevoice you’d love to bring your number and we love to help you out

Unlike mobile phone porting, which is straightforward, (just get a PAC code off your existing provider pass this to your new provider and everything will be sorted), we have to know all about your numbers, whether you want them ported or not, and then of course there’s the obligatory kidney required!

You may have direct dial ranges, there maybe associated numbers to the main number, are they multiline (on an existing PBX) or a collection of single line numbers, they may be faxes / or alarm line numbers.

If you have a fax number and want to keep this, then you can port it to us, but we can only redirect it to an email address, if you still want to send faxes (really (!) this is the 21st century) then you will have to make sure you connect your fax to an analogue line and what better way to utilise the new fibre broadband line you’ve just bought for babblevoice!

I also need to mention that if your numbers have been previously ported there will be a different company for the current provider and range holder, which needs to be noted.

Although we don’t have a magic ball or other powers, we work with you to try and discover the complete picture. The best start is with your bill from each provider (yes you may have numbers from more than one provider) and if that’s not clear you may have to approach your current provider to find out the extent of the numbers - this is the only true way to find out what you have, and they can’t withhold this information as they are your numbers.

There are some providers we can’t port numbers from, notably TalkTalk and Vodafone’s own range of numbers, but, if you had ported a number into them we can port those out!

If you/we don’t get this information correct and the port is rejected we have to work out why, a lot of the time it can be for postcode / installation errors, these can of course be caused by your current provider not updating their records, the next favorite rejection reason is that not all the numbers have been accounted for.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to port them to us, we still need to know what they are so they can be ceased.

All the information and a good starting point is in our Docs.

The babblevoice team

By James Palmer, Mar 8, 2016