What is porting?

This is the process whereby your phone number(s) are moved from your current provider into babblevoice. It can be a slightly frustrating process as there are several key details which we need to know about your numbers to enable us to port them. If the details we put into the system are different to those stored, the porting request will be rejected. This means the correct information has then to be gathered and the porting resubmitted which means extra cost and time delays, which is why we always like to start the porting process as soon as possible.

If there are any services running on a line then please remember these will cease when porting occurs, therefore checking where each number goes before porting is submitted is highly recommended. For example, porting your broadband number is not going to end well for anyone. Any lines that have a security service running on them i.e. burglar alarm can not be ported and a porting request on one of these lines would be rejected. If you wish to port one of these numbers, then this service would have to be cancelled prior to porting being submitted.

Details about your numbers can be found out by speaking to your current provider, although this can be very difficult to do. Unfortunately current suppliers can be reluctant to give customers these details - the only time you would ask for the details is when you are looking at leaving them! The key details needed for porting are the postcode attached to the numbers, whether the numbers are single line or multi line and if there are any associated numbers/which is the main billing number. Your current provider may also be a reseller - we need to know who they are reselling for, or in porting terms, who is the rangeholder for your numbers.

If finding out the details about your numbers is proving tricky then we will assist you with completing a POV. A POV takes up to 10 working days to be returned to us but provides all the details about your numbers that are stored on the system, which enables us to submit a successful porting application.

In order for us to submit your porting you will need to complete a porting form from us. In here there is a Letter of Authority - this is an industry standard form which must be correctly completed and signed. When signing this form, the signature must be done using digital signature software or printed out and signed using pen and ink. This signed Letter of Authority form is also used as the POV if we need to complete one.

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By Nicola Hueting, Jun 14, 2021  

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