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At babblevoice we have a few goals which we strive for. These are:

Although this does lead to some challenges for us, sometimes the first point conflicts with the final point - so we have to decide which is more important - in this case quality trumps price.

To ensure we are the best on price we have a mechanism of charging for what you use. A lot of providers try ‘one glove fits all’ but whilst these feel comfortable they are rarely the cheapest.

As part of getting to the best price we look at the amount of equipment we have to maintain and run all of the features we offer. The feature which is taking up more resource than we had hoped for is compression.

Compression is how we:

Both of these tasks are computationally very complex which means we have to run more computing power to perform these tasks.

What makes babblevoice unique is all of the hosted telephone features we provide are free. You can put a complete phone system together for absolutely no money whatsoever. We are very keen to continue with this. This means

What will change

To understand the benefits of call compression read this, if you would like to understand MP3 compression for your recordings - read this.

In order that we do not change the way babblevoice operates for you we will maintain the settings you currently have. For the following 2 months we will continue to offer these features for free. After this (January 2018), you can either disable the feature or pay the small additional fee to continue to use them.

For the last 5 years we have also maintained prices for call rates and phone number rental. We intend to maintain all of our current tariffs but will increase the price for our phone number rental. We current charge £3 per phone number which will increase to £4 per number. When purchasing in blocks we intend to offer the same discounted rates for each block size.

We believe this still offers fantastic value (and means we are still the lowest cost) and allows you to continue to use babblevoice as you always have.

The babblevoice team

By Nick Knight, Nov 15, 2017  

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