Personalise your ringtone

As staid and steady office desk phones inch ever closer to their more glamorous mobile counterparts, yet another feature makes a long awaited début into the babblevoice feature list. You can now personalise your desk phone’s ringtone.

Other than individualisation, there are a number of legitimate business reasons why you might want to do this; many office phones perform multiple functions e.g. helpdesk and technical support. Assign these numbers different ringtones and you can differentiate calls to each by the sound the phone is making. Identify VIPs by assigning them a different ringtone or, as in the case of one babblevoice user, have an emergency ringtone to indicate that a colleague requires assistance.

The process of selecting which ringtone is used and under what circumstances is straight forward and consistent with the call rule creation process. When creating a new rule choose “placing calls to phones” as usual but before “ringing an extension” choose “change the ringtone” which is currently the last option as shown in the screenshot.

You will then be presented with a drop down list of ringtones from which you can choose the most appropriate.

The babblevoice team

By Antoine Lever, May 11, 2015