Rolling Upgrades


You may have noticed Polycom, our preferred phone manufacturer, has discontinued the original model (SoundPoint) with a new one (VVX).

It seems like a good time to discuss upgrading users of SoundPoint phones as well as a good strategy to replace phones.

Gone are the days when you purchased your phones and phone system together. Take out a large lease plan to pay for it all etc. Now the only items you need to own are the phones on your desk - and these have become almost a throw away item.

So instead of thinking, in 5 years we’ll have to buy a whole new phone system. Start thinking: we’ll buy a phone every other month.

Why upgrade SoundPoint

The looks and styling has improved a little, but the major reason is it has gained the High Definition Codec. As it suggests, the sound quality has notched up a gear.

The other reason is, they will wear out. So as phones become 3-5 years old, it perhaps becomes better to replace them before they fail.


Simply pick a time period. This could be based on the number of phones you have deployed. So in a GP surgery with 25 phones. You hope to use them for 5 years. Every year you should be thinking about replacing 5 of them. So after around 2 years, start replacing 2-3 every 6 months.

This means over the time period you would normally have to re-buy a whole bunch of phones, they are naturally replaced without a noticeable expense. And certainly without the added expense of an expensive lease plan.

The babblevoice team

By Nick Knight, Apr 24, 2018  

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