The best VoIP engineers go to SIP School

As we are a VoIP provider it is important to us to verify the quality of advice and support we give and so what could be better than having Certified VoIP engineers. To that end we have teamed up with the SIP School to put our engineers through the SIP School certification program. The SIP School is the only body that has a recognised qualification in voice and is supported by many partners such as Yealink, NEC, Panasonic, Nimans, Avaya, Broadsoft, Bell, AT&T, Gamma, Snom and 3CX to name but a few. They are also associated with our industry bodies; ITSPA, TIA, Comptel, ACUTA, BISCI and US Telecom.

SIP is the language (protocol) that your phone uses to talk to the babblevoice servers. Using the SIP language your phone and babblevoice decide that the phone is online, when a call comes in (i.e. starting a call), ending a call etc. If you’re technically minded have a look at this wikipedia entry on SIP.

This month James, Craig and Jay all passed the exams with flying colours and are now officially certified SIP Associates. There is a lot of competition amongst our engineers and although we wouldn’t say what their individual results are (the pass mark is 80%), suffice it to say that the longest serving engineer received the highest mark (what you would expect!)

If you are a reseller it would be well worth your time and investment to get your engineers certified. In the course you learn about the basics of VoIP, how to analyse issues, what are the potential causes and how to troubleshoot and fix quality issues. You also learn about other complementary technologies and how they could help build your business.

In the future, our aim is to run a babblevoice certified scheme for our resellers, so we are able to ensure all babblevoice users get the highest possible technical support with their VoIP and babblevoice issues.

The babblevoice team

By Antoine Lever, Aug 22, 2015