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One of the tasks of setting up a phone system is to configure your auto attendant. You know - the bit where a patient calls your surgery and they hear “Thank you for calling Canal Side Surgery, please dial one to use our automated services or two to speak with reception”.

Now, you may have gathered, whilst we provide text to speech to make creating a prompt easily, we are not a huge fan of them - mainly because, as good as our text to speech engine is, callers know what it is. Unfriendly, automated, uncaring.

We have always encouraged our users to record their own voice prompts. Hearing a local voice welcome the caller is definitely the way to go. But a very good second option is professionally recorded prompts.

We use a collection of these in our “off the shelf” EMIS/SystmOne auto-attendant. So we decided to record some additional “stock” recordings we hope you may find useful. The most pertinent one today is surgery_coronavirus.wav

How to use

  1. Navigate to the babblevoice console
  2. Go to the “Stuff” tab
  3. Select “Voice Prompts” (or add it if you do not have it enabled)
  4. Select Edit
  5. Under configure switch on “Stock Library”
  6. The additional files will appear in you list

Recordings available

There are also a whole host of recordings which are used in our EMIS/SystmOne auto-attendant - you can also use those as well.

The babblevoice team

By Nick Knight, Mar 3, 2020  

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