Great value for money

If you can say one thing about babblevoice it’s the extraordinary amount of value it generates. Having a great hosted business phone system that is easy to use and is configured in English is valuable. Having an exciting range of traditional and futuristic telephony features as well as a modern API is valuable. Where babblevoice generates unrivalled value, however, in having the lowest total cost of ownership.

The quick and dirty way to compare phone system is to compare the call rate i.e. the cost per minute to make a phone call. This makes people think that they’re comparing apples with apples but really it’s a big mistake. The way to accurately compare phone systems is to compare the total cost of ownership. As babblevoice does not charge a monthly rental fee or upgrade fee or maintenance fee or any other “something I’ve just made up” fee it is always the most cost-effective solution. One of the ways we fund the value we generate for you is by asking you to pay your phone bill in advance. This means that we don’t need to pay a credit control team or distribute the cost of bad debt back to you.

By all means take the time to check out our call costs. We have even written a call cost calculator which gives you the exact cost of any call you could want to make. Click on this link to learn how to use our call cost calculator. When making comparisons please also note that we charge per second and do not round up to the nearest minute AND we do NOT charge a connection fee. Remember that most calls are under one minute long and so even if you’ve found the cheapest headline rate, by the time you’ve rounded up to the nearest minute and paid a connection fee you’ve paid far more than babblevoice would charge, especially if your call is 61 seconds long!

The babblevoice team

By Antoine Lever, Oct 20, 2015