What is babblevoice?

Babblevoice is a hosted business phone system that provides all the benefits of an office phone system (and more) at a fraction of the cost. So how is this possible?

We designed and developed it

Arguably the best thing about babblevoice is that we wrote the software that makes it work. We’re not reselling someone else’s system. This is a good thing because it means we can adapt babblevoice to suit you and your business rather than you and your business needing to adapt to suit a proprietary phone system. We pride ourselves on the fact that if you make a request for a new feature, that would benefit the babblevoice community at large, then we will develop it for you free of charge.

Some of our most popular features have come from requests made by our user community. For example, blocking unwanted calls or the Tannoy & PA system.

As owners of babblevoice we have published three APIs that allow developers to link babblevoice to your business software. If your main business tool is your customer database then how great would it be to automatically dial a contact from within the customer’s record. Or, have a client’s details appear on your screen before you even answer the phone. But this is just the beginning: imagine being able to handle mundane calls automatically such as updating delivery dates or placing repeat orders. With a little imagination you can turn your phone system into more than a business tool but a major driver of efficiency and business innovation.

We believe in great features not just cheap calls

Without doubt the area of babblevoice which receives the most attention, generates the most discussion and drives the greatest user satisfaction is the range, usefulness and creativity of the babblevoice feature list. It goes without saying the babblevoice offers all of the usual features that you would expect from a top-of-the-range business phone system including voicemail, conference calls, call queuing, IVR (Interactive Voice Response), auto-attendants, music on hold, call groups, call forwarding, call waiting and much much more. It’s probably worth noting, at this point, that all of these features (and the ones in the next paragraph) are all included within babblevoice i.e. you don’t have to pay any extra for them, they’re all yours from day one. However, in addition to these standard features babblevoice offers a host of new, innovative and useful features that will benefit you and your business. Some of these features have been mentioned above and are the result of features requested by users. Other innovative features include a great new PC based switchboard, listening in on live calls and our calendar integration. Using babblevoice calendar integration you can handle calls differently at different times of the day, for example, out of hours calls.

There are more well known features which add value such as call recording, assigning different ring tones to different callers so that you quickly know who’s calling or the ability to use babblevoice from your smartphone which can be very useful. There are features for resellers too such as the ability to provide a babblevoice login button on your website. This allows resellers to more closely integrate babblevoice with their existing services. A really great feature that everyone enjoys when they’re setting up a new phone system is called “zero touch provisioning” (ZTP). ZTP allows you to enter your phones’ unique reference (called a mac address) into babblevoice so that all of your handsets get automatically setup and configured. All you have to do is plug them in and start using them!

Babblevoice offers a host of great monitoring and reporting features. As described above, babblevoice can become a truly valuable and unique business asset which you will want to manage and monitor. This is done using a babblevoice dashboard from Netvibes which will tell you everything you want to know about your business in real-time. There are many other great features which we’d love to discuss with you. If you’ve got a particular business telephony requirement please contact us and we’ll always do our best to help.

There’s no contract and no pressure

If there is one area of owning a telephone system that generates more complaints than any other it’s being tied into long and sometimes onerous contracts. We think this is not just ridiculous but it’s wrong. Customers should stay using a phone system because they love it – not because they’re contractually obliged. The main reason babblevoice competitors use long-term contracts is because it’s a great way to charge more than necessary. When the payments are spread out over ten years the monthly payments looks manageable. Then, eight years into a ten year contract, the phone company offers to waive the last two years of payments if you sign a new contract. They can do this because the phone system was paid off at the end of year one or two!

At babblevoice we do things very differently indeed. There is NO contract term! You can use babblevoice for a day and then stop. You can put one handset on today, 200 tomorrow and then down to ten the day after. We’re that flexible. Our goal is to drive so much value for our customers as possible which means that we don’t need onerous contracts to keep our customers using babblevoice.

The cost of using babblevoice is a princely £0 per month or, if you prefer to think in annual terms, £0 per annum. Over ten years that a sum total of £0. We think this is a substantial saving over what you’re paying now. Our philosophy is that you should only pay for things that cost us money. Let’s say that you have ten phones in ten different locations; you can make calls between these handsets all day and use all the features babblevoice has to offer and your total bill will be zero pounds and zero pence. If you want a public phone number (and yes, most do) then there is a charge of £3 per month because we are charged a fee to do so. To make calls to the BT network costs 1p per minute for a nationwide call at peak times. If you want to store lots of call recordings on our servers then there’s a small charge for that too, again, because we are charged a fee. Babblevoice makes money by keeping a very tiny slice of these tiny fees.

Some companies will offer you a package deal for example, pay £x per month and all your calls are included. Do you think these packages are making money for your phone company or saving money for you? Fixed price offers must include a contingency to accommodate the unexpected. We understand that knowing how much your phone bill will be ahead of time is comforting but we have a solution for that too. Babblevoice is a pre-pay system. You keep your account topped up to a level you decide and we continue to drive value for you. By not offering our customers credit we are saving on a credit and debt recovery function and we pass that saving on to you. Follow this link to learn more about babblevoice billing and invoicing. In summary, we believe that babblevoice offers the lowest total cost of ownership of any business phone system available today. Why not put our claim to the test?

Babblevoice is hosted by us

Instead of screwing a large box or two to your wall and then running cables from that box to every desk in your office we use your computer’s data cable to connect your phone to a box that we look after. This means that you don’t need to provide access to us for maintenance. You don’t need to provide the box with power, update it or even think about it at all. Best of all, when you move office you don’t have to do anything about your phone system because your existing phones will work in your new office just as they did in the old one. As babblevoice can be used from anywhere and at anytime, users can be located anywhere in the world and still use babblevoice as if they were in the office. You can work from home, a client’s office or even on the move. This is great news if you suddenly want to add a small army of telemarketers to your system without having to rent more office space as an example. If you spend any time thinking about disaster recovery or business continuity then consider that your office phones can be up and running again almost instantly following a disaster in your office or in the surrounding area.

We’d love to hear what you think of this blog post. Please leave blog specific comments below or ask questions on the babblevoice support forum. Alternatively contact us to ask a question in confidence. Learn more about the benefits of having your phone system hosted in this article entitled, what’s so great about hosted VoIP and go to our website to learn more about what babblevoice is.

If you’re ready to give babblevoice a go then either go to the babblevoice website and login using the buttons at the top right or contact one of our authorised resellers for friendly help and advice.

The babblevoice team

By Antoine Lever, Sep 7, 2015  

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