Yealink gets ZTP

Ask any administrator or engineer tasked with rolling out another large babblevoice installation and they’ll tell you that the most valuable feature to them is Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP). ZTP allows you to configure a phone without having to physically touch it which saves you the trouble of visiting each desk at your installation site. For more details please see this earlier blog post on the details of ZTP. Until now we have only supported ZTP for Polycom phones but now we are happy to announce that we support ZTP for Yealink phones too.

ZTP on a Yealink phone is called RPC but it works in the same way. In the babblevoice console enter the device’s MAC address and babblevoice will send all of the phone’s configuration details to Yealink. Then when a new Yealink phone is switched on for the first time it automatically contacts a Yealink server which gives it all of its babblevoice details leaving you with a fully configured Yealink babblevoice phone.

For a full list of the phones that are fully supported and integrated into babblevoice and also to see which phones support ZTP please see the phones page in the babblevoice docs. Please also have a more detailed look at the Devices gadget on the babblevoice console because there has recently been a release which includes a number of new features, some of which were detailed at the bottom of this blog post about Polycom phones. Don’t miss the bit about being able to reboot a phone remotely!

The babblevoice team

By Antoine Lever, Sep 22, 2015