We have used the following headsets with Polycom phones.

Firstly, it is important to note, in the headset world there is no standard. There is a scary number of headsets, all with different connectors and options.

CS500 Series

These are the latest list of DECT wireless headsets. They are fantastic. More details can be found at [1].

The battery life is pretty much all day and we have used these in our own call centres as well as clients. The range is probably not the 120M advertised but it is good. I left my office and got to the other side of the car park with one. It is certainly long enough for a wireless headset. Most importantly the audio quality is superb.

But, as explained above, it takes a bit of digging to find which cable is required. You can call Plantronics’s for help as the advice they offer is excellent.

So, when you purchase one of these you have two further options.

Only connect up the audio - don’t worry about being able to pick up the call or hangup at the end - you are probably always close enough to the phone to do that.

As well as connecting the audio you want to use the button on the headset to pick up an inbound call as well as hangup at the end Both scenarios require the audio cable, the second scenario requires a second cable.

Scenario 1

Most of the entry level phones in the Polycom range (IP 331321 etc) come with a 2.5mm jack. This needs converting to an RJ9 socket. Polycom have a handy little adapter for this and it has a Polycom part number of 2457-11095-001. This is a test to see if where you are buying your phones from actually know what they are talking about if they can get you this adapter!

For the phones, such as IP 650, they already have an RJ9 socket and should just work.

Scenario 2

As well as the above adapter you need a call pick up cable. The cable is Plantronic’s part number 38438-01 and can be found on Amazon.


This headset comes with only a flat quick release adapter - which probably will not fit any phone on the planet. It is intended that this is sold with a cable suitable for a particular phone. For the 2.5mm phones (IP 3213331 etc) Plantronic’s supply a part with part number 70765-01.

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Also, check out the babblevoice University on Youtube or ask a question in our Google Group.