Required update for babblevoice Desktop

Nov 21, 2019  

babblevoice Desktop has become one of the most useful tools in the babblevoice kit bag. For those uninitiated, babblevoice Desktop is a helper application designed to help you get the most out of the real phone on your desk. It can be used from simple tasks like, who’s on the phone and call transfer, through to really useful tasks like application integration. babblevoice Desktop runs in the browser and has a dedicated Windows application.

Speech detection

Oct 18, 2018  

We are pleased to announce our release of our speech detection feature. For more information have a read of our doc on the subject. Currently this feature can be used to transcribe voicemails - to speed up the processing of voicemail and in simple auto attendants. Watch this space, as we to intend to extend this feature so that it can be used in other areas, such as Baaxml application or EMIS IVR.

Privacy policy update

Oct 17, 2018  

An important update you should be aware of. We have added Google to the list of sub processors in our privacy statement. This is because we have added speech detection to our feature list and we use Google AI to enable this feature.

Latest updates to babblevoice Desktop

Sep 20, 2018  

Every so often I get the chance to sit in front of users who try and click their way around my software. It is only then do I realise the amount of pain I have inflicted upon my users! (Of course this was never my intention). As part of my research I have come up with some nice tweaks which hopefully will help with making our users working lives just a little bit easier.

Your Google Account

Sep 12, 2018  

So this comes up every so often. “Why do you use Google to log in?”, “What data do you send to them” and “Why can’t you just use a normal user name and password like everyone else”. Data Just by logging in via Google, we do not send them any data out of babblevoice. Think of Google as the passport service to babblevoice. You identify yourself to Google (using an email address and password) and Google says to us ‘yes - that’s Bob’.

What the blip is automation?

Sep 11, 2018  

How many times have you called a company and before you can get through to speak with someone, you have to enter your account details, go through a long list of options only to get through to an agent who doesn’t know who you are or anything about the options you selected on the way in. Telephony integration is tricky. TAPI was introduced by Intel and Microsoft in 1993 but never gained much traction (most phone system manufacturers implemented their bit but most contact software vendors did not - in fact Microsoft themselves did quite a poor job in Outlook).

babblevoice copy on call connect

May 2, 2018  

Sometimes the simpler ideas are the good ones. We have been asked a few times now, how do I update my records (patient with a new phone number, for example) when it doesn’t screen pop the patient. The new number isn’t in your system (EMIS) so babblevoice Desktop cannot look up your caller. With the best will in the world you now have to look up the patients details. Now, when you find the correct patient, edit their details, simply ctrl-v in the phone number field as we automatically copy the caller id from the phone call you just took.

babblevoice Desktop Call Lists

Nov 2, 2017  

This year we have put a lot of work into babblevoice Desktop. It has a complete new look and feel and it’s structure has changed. There is also now a full web version which can run in your browser. We have just introduced a new feature in babblevoice Desktop - call lists. This allows you to create a list of people you wish to call, then sequentially work through that list.

Rule Flow

Jun 30, 2017  

Another little tool to help you get the best out of babblevoice. Flow helps you visualise the call flow a caller to your surgery may take. Enough said!

babblevibes Vibe statistics update

Jun 8, 2017  

Our statistics vibe just received a little love. We have added 2 new statistics you may find useful. Both of these new features can be found in the statistics vibe in your babblevibes dashboard. Simply add the statistic vibe to a board and in the vibe’s options look for the stat: Call Costs or Auto Attendants. Call spend Call spend by device was tracked in this vibe from the beginning. We have now added call spend overall.

What are our developers up to??

Jan 27, 2017  

Hopefully, you may have noticed some updates at babblevoice. We finally went live with our new console and it is now the default console when logging in. This took around 2 years of development, which took all the good stuff from version 1 but looked at all the ways which were painful and improved upon them. The rules editor, specifically, has changed a lot which we hope has made it easier for you to write call rules.

Larger Queues

Jan 26, 2017  

You would have thought queueing technology is simple. Create a queue, push your callers into that queue then have a team of users which then pick up those calls. Simple! Not so! At babblevoice, we introduced our queues a few years ago. So far they met the needs of most of our users. Most of our users replaced phone systems which used very simple technology. For example, small and medium-sized businesses which had restricted number of phone lines coming into their offices (they may have had 4 agents working, but they only had 8 lines in and out the business - this scenario is not uncommon even where there are offices with more than a 100 staff).

Some updates to our Docs

Nov 16, 2016  

As well as developing babblevoice, we have to ensure that features we think up are communicated to you. So we have some updates to our online documents for you. Some domain settings can now be configured for outbound dialling, Our simple pattern matching spec has been published. This is used in inbound call filtering and now allows you to configure outbound call filters (as per my previous bullet point).

Our new console

Oct 4, 2016  

I am going to be talking about this for a while for the foreseeable future. Mainly because of the amount of hard work we have put into it! But also because we hope it makes it easier for you to configure and manage your babblevoice setup. My last blog post was regarding the new rules editor. I have been using it personally when writing my own call rules - and I think it is much easier to use than the last version.

New Rules editor

Apr 19, 2016  

babblevoice is all grown up. The first console has been used for 5+ years. Things have moved on on the Web, so we have been working hard making use of new technology. We decided to rewrite our console (the bit which allows you to configure your phone system your way). We set out with the goals: Mobile device support, simpler to use, nicer to look at! See for yourself - a little sneak preview focusing on the Rules editor.

Ubiquiti UNIFI UVP Review

Apr 15, 2016  

When I first saw this phone’s picture I had to get one. Finally, a company who got it. A modern, fresh design, all screen - with smart functionality. But in the end a disappointment. The Phone I have been a proponent of moving to VOIP but maintaining the traditional phone on the desk (Polycom, Yealink, Cisco etc) as from a user’s perspective - it just works. Softphones are great, but a lot of users have problems with them, or the computer is not quite up to the job.

Netvibes Gadget Update

Dec 2, 2015  

After a couple of years of organic development it was time to review and tidy up our Netvibes Gadgets. We chose Netvibes as our reporting engine as we recognised that babblevoice Data was not your complete world. Netvibes allows you to look at data from all over the Web. It is a company and personalised dashboarding web site which can help with: Brand monitoring – to track clients, customers and competitors across media sources all in one place, analyze live results with 3rd party reporting tools, and provide media monitoring dashboards for brand clients, e-reputation management – to visualize real-time conversations and social activity feeds, and track new trending topics, product marketing – to create interactive product microsites, with drag-and-drop publishing interface, community portals – to engage online communities, personalized workspaces – to gather all essential company updates to support specific divisions (e.

babblevoice at the EMIS NUG

Oct 19, 2015  

babblevoice recently attended the EMIS National User Group conference in Nottingham to launch the babblevoice for primary care link to EMIS Web. At the conference we were able to highlight the two key factors why surgeries are choosing babblevoice for primary care as their practice phone system; namely cost and patient access. On average, GP surgeries are saving 50% of the total cost of their monthly phone bill by switching to babblevoice.

Outlook With babblevoice Desktop

Oct 7, 2015  

We are always looking for new ways to give our users the best experience possible. One of the ways we do this is by integrating babblevoice with third party products with which you are already familiar. The latest product we are working with is Microsoft Outlook. To accomplish the level of integration we want, we need to run our software on your machine. This gives us a great opportunity for you to try one of our new products, babblevoice desktop for Windows which can be downloaded by following the link.

babblevoice for Primary Care

Sep 25, 2015  

Today we are delighted to announce babblevoice for primary care. When the purchase costs and maintenance costs of a surgery phone system are added to the general running costs, an average surgery in the UK spends £750 per month on their phone system*. Surgeries using babblevoice report a nearly 70% saving on their phone costs as well as benefiting from a useful array of new and exciting features. As a hosted phone system there are no maintenance, support or upgrade fees to pay as well as no line rental costs.

Block nuisance or unwanted calls

Sep 7, 2015  

Yet again a feature request has been made by you, our babblevoice community, for a feature that will benefit everyone. And yet again, babblevoice has swung into action and developed, tested and released the requested feature free of charge. The feature in question this time is the ability to handle calls differently depending on who’s calling. The most common use for this feature will be to block nuisance or unwanted calls.

What is babblevoice?

Sep 7, 2015  

Babblevoice is a hosted business phone system that provides all the benefits of an office phone system (and more) at a fraction of the cost. So how is this possible? We designed and developed it Arguably the best thing about babblevoice is that we wrote the software that makes it work. We’re not reselling someone else’s system. This is a good thing because it means we can adapt babblevoice to suit you and your business rather than you and your business needing to adapt to suit a proprietary phone system.

babblevoice credit

Aug 18, 2015  

One of the ways in which we keep costs down is by not offering credit. Keeping your domain in credit means that nobody has to pay for any bad debt. There are two ways to keep your account in credit. You can use PayPal to add funds whenever your balance runs low. To be sure you never run out of credit you can create a call rule which will send you a text reminder when your balance falls below your chosen level.

Login to babblevoice from your website

Jul 20, 2015  

Allow your users and prospects to login to babblevoice from your website As a reseller of babblevoice, how great would it be to let your babblevoice users login to babblevoice from your website! By allowing your customers and prospect to login to the babblevoice console from your website you Provide your users with a truly seamless service. Your providing the support, it makes sense they come to you to login too.

What is Quality of Service (QoS)?

Jun 15, 2015  

The most common way to install babblevoice into your business is by using a reseller. Module IT are a babblevoice reseller based in Mitcheldean, Gloucestershire and offer standard IT support packages, maintenance and repairs, disaster recovery, broadband and now cloud-based phone services. Module IT`s involvement with babblevoice started when the Managing Director, Eric Witheridge, realised they had been getting enquiries for telephony systems from both their current clients and potential new enquiries.