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Getting started

This site is the main documentation repository for all things babblevoice. Use the navigation or search to find articles to help you get the most out of babblevoice.

We welcome users contribution to this wiki, but due to large amounts of spam directed at this wiki we now request potential users get in touch to request an account.

How much does it cost

Nothing. It is free to use.

Setup phones, point them to babblevoice, make calls between them, use the conference facilities or even make calls to free phone numbers. In our opensource section you will also find free to use tools to get the most out of you babblevoice. Including a Tapi driver for connecting your Windows applications to babblevoice, or a sales Dialler application to connect your CRM to babblevoice.

But there are some items which cost money. Items which incur us costs. So phone number rental, storage for call recording. And so on. But no commitment, turn up and down the tap as you need to. (Note if you have purchased babblevoice through a partner prices may vary).

Product Price
Single Phone numbers £3 per month
Block of 5 Phone numbers £10 per month
Block of 10 Phone numbers £15 per month
Port a number into babblevoice £20 per number with discount for quantity
Phone Call recording £1 per GB per month
Voice Prompt storage £2.50 per month

Call Rate

You get a complete phone system for the price of the call rates. Here are the most popular prices from our standard tariff. Calls are billed per second, prices listed are per pence per minute exc VAT. Prices listed are typical for the destination and may vary, to obtain accurate price please see our call cost calculator. There is a minimum charge of 1.5p per connected call on chargeable calls.

Destination Peak Off Peak
National 1p 0.5p
Mobile 9.5p 9.5p
0870 13p 7p
0845 4.4p 2p
USA 0.96p 0.96p
UK Texts (alerts) 10p 10p

Peak refers to weekdays, between 9AM and 6PM. Off peak is any other time.

For any other destinations you can find out the price by using the Call Cost Calculator in your babblevoice console.

Call Cost Calculator


babblevoice does not charge for calls to freephone numbers.

You can also host your own 0800 numbers with babblevoice. They cost only £3 per month plus you pay for any telephone calls you receive (that is how they become free for the end user).

Origination Peak Off Peak
BT Call Box 50p 50p
Everywhere else 2.8p 2p

Call recording

babblevoice has the ability to record all calls. You can retrieve them using our Google Gadget (call details) which allows you to download or listen in the browser. If you are clever, you can also use our API to write your own interface, perhaps integrate into your CRM application to listen to them.

Call recording is charged at £1 per GB per month. A GB will roughly give you 16 hours of recording time. You allocate how much space you want to pay for, then when it is full we remove old recordings to make way for new ones.

Call Cost Calculator

For prices to destinations not mentioned above (there are lots) then log into the babblevoice console, on the money dashlet, there is a call cost calculator. Enter phone number, duration, off peak or peak and it will give you the price.

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