Call Queues

Queues Intro There are 2 ways to ring a group of phones from a babblevoice call rule, first by call a group, the second by queueing the call. When you call a group, that is what happens immediately. All the phones in the group will start ringing and if a number of other calls come in at the same time the phones themselves will receive the calls and alert the user to those calls.

Call Rules

Intro Call rules are the backbone of babblevoice. They appear very simple, but used in different ways can be as complex or as simple as you like. Probably the most simple example is this one When a call comes in on 01442299280 then ring group reception. But can get a little more complex When a call comes in on 01442299280 check my Google calendar if I am busy then jump to extension weareopen otherwise jump to weareclosed.

Low balance alert

How to set up Low Credit Alert A step by step guide on how to set up your Low Credit Alert in babblevoice.

Nuisance Call Filter

Intro This is for the rule chunk which allows caller id’s to be checked and blocked (or whatever you wish to do with them). It works best on call rules. Here is an example When an incoming call comes in on 02030518040 then if the caller id number matches '000,07788036271' then jump to extension deadend, otherwise call extension 1000. Then we have an internal rule which looks like


Intro When you create a device (phone), it comes with a voicemail box. If you need a company wide mailbox, simply create a device which won’t have a phone attached to it. Checking voicemail Voicemail to email We have designed babblevoice, so that your voicemails can be forwarded to an email address via one of the user accounts added in the users widget. If you are using a gmail account just to login you may wish to have the voicemail then forwarded to your regular email address.

Web url

Intro This is a very simple rule chunk. The idea is to allow integration into a web application which may typically be CRM or some other form of contact system. This has been superseded by baaxml which offers the same functionality plus much more. It will append some get variables to the URL for each call to the url. The following variables will be called if the url is called at the start of the call


This rule chunk is very similar to the Google calendar rule chunk except that it can work with iCal files. This is the first release and has some limitations in that the iCal RFC is not full implemented - but most of the useful features are. Because it is not fully imlemented, if it does not work then you should sync you calendar to Google then use babblevoice to link to the Google calendar.