babblevoice Desktop for Google Chrome™

Step 1

To install babblevoice Desktop for Google Chrome™ download the extension from the Chrome Web Store. To find the extension you can either search for “babblevoice” or follow this direct link babblevoice Desktop for Google Chrome™

Step 2

Once the extension has finished installing it will prompt you to connect your extension to your babblevoice account, which is very similar to our Netvibes widgets. You will be presented with a pop-up like

Step 3

After dismissing the pop-up, log into babblevoice using the tab created by the extension, and you will see this

Step 4

Once you reach this stage close the Chrome tab. You will then see a success message and your Chrome Extension will have saved your credentials.

babblevoice Desktop for Microsoft Windows™

Step 1

The first step of installing the babblevoice Desktop for Microsoft Windows™ is to obtain the installation file. Download it here

Step 2

Run the Installer

Follow the instructions, until the installation is complete

Step 3

Once the babblevoice Desktop for Microsoft Windows™ has been installed, and ran you will see this screen

Click Connect To babblevoice

Step 4

Log into your babblevoice account in the pop up window

Then confirm access


Once you have set up your chrome extension in the steps above when you click the babblevoice b in your toolbar you will see the following screen

Main User Account

To configure the Main User Account,from Menu select the extension configured for your phone in the babblevoice dashboard.

Watch Devices

From this menu select any phones that you interact with on a regular basis. These will be the devices which you can see, call, transfer to, monitor and intercept calls for.

Click to dial

This option will place a babblevoice b next to phone numbers in web pages, which when clicked will call the phone number from the main user extension in the babblevoice Desktop.

Context menu

This option will allow you to highlight and call any number you see in a web page. When you right click on the highlighted phone number the option to call the number will appear in the context menu.

Hover to click to dial

This is used in addition to the Click to dial option and will initially hide the babblevoice b until the number is hovered over with the mouse pointer.

More information about

Also, check out the babblevoice University on Youtube or ask a question in our Google Group.