Onsite full reboot

Ok, if you have ended up on this page then my apologies. If you have been told to reboot - I know the feeling when this is the advice I receive. I am been fobbed off.

We have tried to make the equipment you have as simple as possible. But unfortunately sometimes this does need to be rebooted. Hopefully, broadband, broadband routers and phones will become more reliable in time…

e would encourage you to create a “what to do in a disaster” work sheet - which you put on the wall of your office. On it, take a photo of the router and switches - with perhaps a print out of this document or instructions highlightng the location of the equipment and how to restart them.


This procedure assumes a standard setup, where you have a router and network switches which also power your phones.

  1. Power down your broadband router
  2. Power down your network switches - the ones which power your phones
  3. Wait 30 seconds
  4. Power on your broadband router - wait until the indicator light which indicates it is online that it is back online
  5. Now power back on the network switches which power your phones

Draytek Router

If you have a Draytek router - this is what it looks like (our favourite router - which we install with all flavours of BT broadband).

The status lights look like this, although may vary between models.

The status light looks like the below and should be solid green when the Internet is connected.

Note, it is

  • On: The Internet is connected.
  • Slow Blink: The router is ready to connect.
  • Fast Blink: The router is trying to connect to the Internet or synchronise with the line.


If we have installed the system for you we typically use D-Link switches. The DES 1210 28P looks like this.

The power cable is to the rear of the switch and it is safe to pull out, then put back in. Note, if you have any users who have computers plugged into this switch, you should let them know and tell them they will lose network access for a while and should save any work.

More information about

Also, check out the babblevoice University on Youtube or ask a question in our Google Group.