The Nutshell plugin is useful for managing your work flow from Nutshell CRM. When you first add the plugin you will have Nushell icon added to your babblevoice Desktop toolbar.

When the icon is clicked you will see the following screen

These credentials are obtained from your nutshell account. Once entered next time you click the nutshell icon from the toolbar you will be presented with something similar to the following screen

The spanner will take you back to the Nutshell configure screen.

The Auto Dial tick box in the top right will start auto-dialling through the activities in the table

Each row of the table represents a phone call activity for your Nutshell account.

The phone icon will call the contact associated with the activity - hovering over icon will display the name of the contact that will be called.

The text next to the icon is the name of the activity.

The Green Tick will mark the activity as completed in Nutshell and when clicked will prompt you for notes to add to the activity.

The next text is the lead id and when clicked will open the lead in Nutshell in your browser. Advanced Settings can be accessed from the settings page, and you will see this

Auto dial gap

This is the gap between calls made when auto-dialling, to give you a gap for a breather between calls.

Activity to show

This is configurable to show only overdue activity in your plugin view, or so many hours ahead of the current time.

Auto dial function

These are options for how to deal with activities after or before they have been auto dialled, the options are

”‘mark as completed on end” - will mark each activity in nutshell as completed “open lead on start” - will open the lead in your browser when the call is made “prompt to open lead” - will open a popup which when clicked will open the lead in your browser

Make activity on new call

This option will make a new activity when you receive a new call from a nutshell contact with an open lead.

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