Getting started

So you have decided you wanted to actually manage how calls are handled in your Surgery/business? Simply understanding how calls are being handled, when they come in etc can give you that little insight into making changes which have a large impact on customer service.

babblevibes is accessible either from the babblevoice home page, or once you are logged into the console it is available from the top menu.

When you log in for the first time, you get a screen which looks a little like this

You are looking for the icon

When you click this, it will ask you for

  • A board name - this is just something for you to recognise it by - keep it short and sweet!
  • Number of columns, this is just a visual preference, if you want them wide go for 1, if you want the smaller then go for 3. When you print a board it will only show 1 column.

Now you have your board, the icon to add a Vibe will be available.

This will pop up a new window for you to choose a vibe. Go for the Call Details one - just to get a feel for it.

With this selected, click ‘Add and Close’ at the bottom. When this is done, your new Vibe has been added to your dashboard and will ask you about configuring it.

Select your domain and perhaps keep the other options as default (you can play around with them - they are more just visual changes).

More information

Great - you now have your first dashboard. You can create more for different purposes or add more Vibes to this one. There are only a small handful of vibes available but (and this is a big but) they can access a lot of different data with different settings so can you can create a very personalised dashboard.

To help you further, perhaps a look at these pages

Note, the most used one is probably the Statistics Vibe.

More information about

Also, check out the babblevoice University on Youtube or ask a question in our Google Group.