Reporting with babble Vibes

Intro babblevoice Vibes is a full reporting dashboard which is designed for both a managers personal reporting system, or for large screen format designed to provide useful feedback for teams of users. The Vibes application gives you the ability to have multiple boards per user and on each board have multiple vibes. A vibe is a small piece of information displayed using a graph of your choice. Each vibe, in essence, is a small application/gadget in itself - there are a small number of gadgets available all in themselves configurable.

Managing a queue through Vibes

Becuase of the vast array of reports available in Vibes, it can be a little daunting to know what report to design to ensure your calls coming into your surgery/business are handled efficiently. When you use call queueing, calls might be handled differently from organisation to organisation but the concept remains the same. Inbound calls from patients/customers call your phone number. They eventually hit a queue, after perhaps some method of self-help to reduce the rate of callers, then:

Statistics Vibe

Statistics Vibe. The statistics Vibe probably has access to the widest range of information out of all of the Vibes. Within babblevoice, data is collected whenever a call hits a collection point. Depending on what happens in the process of handling the call, i.e. the call enters a queue or rings a phone, then different data is captured. This data is completely anonymized (excluding some data which might be phone centric for example).

Reporting with Netvibes

Intro Note, babblevoice Netvibes support is being slowly discontinued in favour of babble Vibes. Users should really use babble Vibes instead. When designing our reporting system we wanted to build a very flexible system. Not only does 1 report fit all within your babblevoice world, but the need for well formated information is not limited to just babblevoice. So, whilst in the future we may decide to write our own reporting engine, we decided to write Netvibes Gadgets which now allow you to build your own report - pulling out the information you need, displayed in the format you decide.