Intro We love Polycom. They are robust affordable phones. If you are not familiar with the brand - they are world leaders in Voice and Video. babblevoice has tested lots of phones, including ones more expensive than the Polycom range, and the voice quality on this brand of phones is not bettered. They have entry level devices such as VVX 101, 201 and more beefy models such as 650 which is a very capable receptionist phone.


Intro Yealink are a great budget alternative to Polycom. They are very similar in functionality, but in our opinion the sound quality is not quite as good. We have a lot of happy users who say great things about them though. Supported Features All models are capable of getting power from the network (802.3af). This means your desk with be very un-cluttered. No worrying about power supply wires all over the place.

Zero Touch Provisioning

Zero Touch Provisioning New feature! - Please note Polycom ZTP may not work with older phones. Zero touch provisioning (ZTP) allows you to fully configure a phone without even getting it out of the box. We currently support Polycom and Yealink phones the following instructions are for Polycoms although for Yealinks following the below instructions and any Yealink specifics can be found here Yealink. There are 2 ways to use this feature, from the device popup window and also from a mass provisioning screen to add multiple devices in one go.