Intro Asttapi was the first open source TAPI driver for use with Asterisk. It has been hugely popular on the sourceforge web site. Because we have neglected it a little its popularity is declining a little. It stills serves as a good reference of how to write a TAPI driver for Windows. This is because we fell in love with other projects, such as Freeswitch which our babblevoice platform is developed on top of.


Intro TAPI (Telephone Application Programming Interface) is part of Microsoft Windows. It gives software applications access to telephony hardware, independent of the hardware it is accessing. This allow applications such as Outlook to be able to dial the phone, or CRM applications to screen pop on inbound calls with relevant details (without the software knowing what the hardware is). bv-tapi babblevoice TAPI is a SIP TAPI driver. It bridges the gap between Internet telephone calls and the application on your computer.

Power dialler

Intro A free/opensource project by babblevoice. Also in this area of interest for smaller organisations is the Nutshell CRM babbvoice Desktop, it has built into a personal auto dialler for agents to quickly work through TODO lists within Nutshell. bv Power Dialler is a SIP based sales dialler application. Given a data source it will place calls and farm them to agents. When mixed with the babblevoice solution this gives you a powerful VOIP sales solution which is highly customizable.