Power dialler

A free/opensource project by babblevoice. Also in this area of interest for smaller organisations is the Nutshell CRM babbvoice Desktop, it has built into a personal auto dialler for agents to quickly work through TODO lists within Nutshell.

bv Power Dialler is a SIP based sales dialler application. Given a data source it will place calls and farm them to agents. When mixed with the babblevoice solution this gives you a powerful VOIP sales solution which is highly customizable.

We give you this, free, gratis in the hope it will be useful (under the terms of the GPL license).


  • Fully integrated with babblevoice
  • Manages repetitive high volume outbound campaigns
  • Configurable wrap up time
  • Flexible on call script
  • Sending message to agents regarding details of the call
  • Example script included
  • Flexible interface to data source
  • Simple CSV data source
  • Advanced Python scripted data source for customer CRM integration
  • (All scripting requires Python 2.7 to be installed - free - see Python Download Page)


Runs on Windows - minimum Windows XP SP3. Download from sourceforge

Data Sources

  • CSV files
  • Scripted - opening up access to customer CRM solutions


  • bv Power Dialler is given a data source of phone numbers to dial
  • bv Power Dialler makes a call, finds the laziest agent and farms the call to that agent
  • When the agent is ready, bv Power Dialler can call a script to alert the agent with information regarding the call they are about to embark on
  • Example script to send message to agent via Google Talk is included
  • The message which is configurable, can include links to CRM to take agent straight to customers record before call begins

Example Scripts

  • We have provided a number of scripts to get you going. Which gives you integration into the following:
  • Google Chat, allows the sending of messages to Google Chat users (your agents) information regarding the call they are about to make
  • Nutshell CRM - which allows the automation of dialling activity stored in Nutshell
  • The Nutshell integration also makes use of the Google Chat, in this instance the user is sent a URL to the lead associated with the call being made
  • All of the scripts can be found in the python examples directory.
  • gchat.cfg - configure file for you to setup up credentials etc for Google Chat
  • gchat_oncall.py - Google Chat onCall script (see below)
  • nutshell.cfg - configure file for the nutshell integration
  • gchat.py - the Google Chat module, no user modifications required
  • nutshell.py - the Nutshell CRM module, no user modifications required
  • nutshell_clds.py - python module which converts the data provided by Nutshell into usable dialler data (see below)
  • nutshell_createphonecalls.py - python script to mass create phone calls (see below) To setup Google chat only
  • In bv Dialler properties point the onCall python script to gchat_oncall.py and configure gchat.cfg with your credentials to Google Chat. Note:
  • Google won't let you send messages to yourself
  • Google will only allow you to send messages to users who have accepted you as a friend
  • Google Apps is a good way to have all the users in your organization already as friends
  • The Google Chat modules requires the sleekxmpp module to be installed. The homepage is here and you can download it from here.
  • Installing it can be a little tricky, but if you follow these instructions

If you haven't already install python 2.7

  • Download the zip file
  • Unpack to a directory
  • Open a command prompt as an administrator and in that prompt
    • cd (the directory which you unpacked the sleekxmpp)
    • c:\Python27\python.exe setup.py install

The package is now available to all Python scripts.

To setup Nutshell CRM

The file nutshell_clds.py contains both the Google chat onCall function specific for Nutshell and the data integration component. With Python installed and sleekxmpp installed nothing else should be required.

  • In bv Dialler, in properties point the onCall script to nutshell_clds.py
  • In bv Dialler, create a python campaign and point the file to nutshell_clds.py
  • Configure both gchat.cfg and nutshell.cfg - both files are commented
  • Add some phone call activity in Nutshell and wait for you to be called

In the Nutshell integration, when an agent becomes available it will either select an activity specifically for them or an activity not assigned to any user.

Mass add activity to Nutshell

At the time of writing Nutshell had the functionality to import contacts and create a lead for each one - but not then schedule a call for each one. So we have provided another script nutshell_createphonecalls.py. Configure nutshell.cfg, including the source_name field. When you import leads into nutshell, you can assign a source name to each lead. When this script runs it looks for leads with that source and no activity and creates a phone call for it. Once all of the config is etup, you can simply double click this file from Windows Explorer to run it.