SoundStation 7000

Manual Configure SoundStation 7000 For some reason, Polycom have not released the latest version of firmware for this phone - which means the phone is not capable of auto configuring (which includes Zero Touch Provisioning), so there is a small routine to configure this phone. Find out the phones IP address Press Menu Select Status Select Network Select TCP/IP Parameters Make a note of the address in the IP field, it will be something like 192.

Guide - replace a phone

Introduction One of the good things about a hosted phone system is you have very little equipment to worry about. The whole phone system is updated as part of our ongoing work. The only things you have to worry about is your broadband connection, your router, network switches and phones. You may have a phone which has died, or there be some other reason such as just wanting the newer range of Polycom phone to get the HD CODEC to improve the quality of the audio.