Music on Hold

We provide a selection of different music on hold collections for you. All of the music we have preloaded onto babblevoice is either royalty free or provided with kind permission from the copyright holder so you don’t have to worry about getting permission. Classical Guitar This is the original music on hold we provided. These files are part of the Freeswitch open source project and are provided under the MPL license.

Performing a Survey

Call Rule You can construct a call rule to get an inbound call to perform other tasks after the call has been handled by an agent. The most useful example of this is collecting feedback from the caller as to how the call was handled. In this document we will use that example to show its usefulness. The first task is to setup a call queue an enable the on call hangs up transfer rule chunk.

Basic Surgery Rules

Intro Rules are at the centre of how babblevoice handles your phone calls. They can be used for all sorts of things and become more useful when they are layered to form auto attendants. Below is a set of basic rules used most frequently by surgeries. These rules cover opening and closing times, call menu options and emergency planning. This is how we use the rules to do a bank holiday check and divert the call accordingly:

Setting Up Your Voicemail

Setting Up Your Voicemail. When you create a new device on babblevoice, it automatically comes with a voicemail box. Depending on what works for you, you can create voicemail boxes for each individual device as required and/or create a new device without a physical phone linking to it, to set up a company wide voicemail. There are a couple of things that you need to do to setup your voicemail. Firstly, make a rule that will send the appropriate calls to the voicemail and then secondly, record your own greeting.

Checking your voicemail

Checking your voicemail Listening to your voicemail can be done in various ways: Setting up a rule so that when you call a specified number you can access that voicemail. On the phone that the voicemail is attached, calling itself. Setting up a vibe. Setting up voicemail to email to transcribe the message into an email for you. Click here for details on how to setup your voicemail. Creating a rule: You can set up a rule to enable you to access the voicemail however you would like:

Speech to text

Introduction We currently have implemented speech to text in a simple auto attendant and voicemail transcribing. We will be extending this feature in the near future. Auto attendant This is similar to ‘Alexa’ voice control (except you don’t have to say ‘Alexa’). It is implemented using call rules: When a call comes in for intro then say 'sales or service' wait for the user to say sales,service and go to that extension, try up to 3 times then say 'failed' hangup the call with the reason normal clearing.


Intro A tannoy is an extension, when called from a phone will call a group of phones, switch them to speaker mode and play on the loud speaker whatever the caller says into the calling phone. Here is an example When a call comes in for 444 then use phones in the group test as a tannoy. Under ‘Stuff’ you would create a group called ‘test’ and add the phones you wish to broadcast to.

Google Calendar

Intro For more complex time of day routing (or you would just like to use Google Calendar) you can check the state of any (which is shared) Google Calendar and make a decision what to do with a call. Typically, it might be used for checking the opening and closing times of your office which in turn will either allow calls through or send them to voicemail. To set this up - it is easy - as long as you know where to look for all of this little settings required.

Rule Flow

Intro At the heart of babblevoice, rules are at the core of how phone calls are handled. They can be used for all sorts of things, but they become more useful when they are layered to form auto attendants. When they become layered, the normal rules table can become a little more confusing to follow from one to the next what will happen. To get a more visual view of how a call maybe handled the Flow viewer can be used.

Call Queues

Queues Intro There are 2 ways to ring a group of phones from a babblevoice call rule, first by call a group, the second by queueing the call. When you call a group, that is what happens immediately. All the phones in the group will start ringing and if a number of other calls come in at the same time the phones themselves will receive the calls and alert the user to those calls.

Call Rules

Intro Call rules are the backbone of babblevoice. They appear very simple, but used in different ways can be as complex or as simple as you like. Probably the most simple example is this one When a call comes in on 01442299280 then ring group reception. But can get a little more complex When a call comes in on 01442299280 check my Google calendar if I am busy then jump to extension weareopen otherwise jump to weareclosed.

Low balance alert

How to set up Low Credit Alert A step by step guide on how to set up your Low Credit Alert in babblevoice.

Nuisance Call Filter

Intro This is for the rule chunk which allows caller id’s to be checked and blocked (or whatever you wish to do with them). It works best on call rules. Here is an example When an incoming call comes in on 02030518040 then if the caller id number matches '000,07788036271' then jump to extension deadend, otherwise call extension 1000. Then we have an internal rule which looks like When a call comes in for deadend then send the call to extension Nick's voicemail.

Web url

Intro This is a very simple rule chunk. The idea is to allow integration into a web application which may typically be CRM or some other form of contact system. This has been superseded by baaxml which offers the same functionality plus much more. It will append some get variables to the URL for each call to the url. The following variables will be called if the url is called at the start of the call