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Nuisance Call Filter

This is for the rule chunk which allows caller id's to be checked and blocked (or whatever you wish to do with them).

It works best on call rules. Here is an example:

When an incoming call comes in on 02030518040 then if the caller id number matches '000,07788036271' then jump to extension deadend, otherwise call extension 1000.

Then we have an internal rule which looks like this:

When a call comes in for deadend then send the call to extension Nick's voicemail.

Most people who call the phone number 02030518040 will get through to extension 1000, caller ids matching the rule (explained next) will just get put into Nick's voicemail (this could be anything from voicemail, through to hangup - or you maybe identifying an important caller so through to a certain phone).

For more informaiton regarding the pattern matching see our simple pattern matching spec.